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Skinstitut Skin-Inject™ MTS Derma Roller

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The Skinstitut Skin-Inject™ Derma Roller works to rejuvenate and revitalise skin with this comfortable, easy to use at-home skin needling system.

Through ten independently rotating discs and an advanced silicone suspension system, the 0.25mm roller features 600 gamma-sterilised, surgical-grade stainless steel microneedles with patented Disc Needle Care technology to help promote the skin's own regeneration process.

Benefits of the Skinstitut Skin-Inject™ MTS Derma Roller:

  • Visible skin rejuvenation
  • Softer and smoother feeling skin
  • Reduced appearance of aging, uneven pigmentation, scarring, stretch marks, enlarged pores, breakout, capillaries
  • Minimises appearance of blackheads, acne and sun damage
  • Enhances effectiveness of skincare products

This skin needling tool works to stimulate circulation and triggers signals to provide an array of skincare benefits including reducing the signs of aging, minimising the appearance of acne, blackheads, sun damage and pigmentation. This product can also enhance the effectiveness of skincare products to promote a fresh, youthful complexion with improved skin tone and texture.


How does a derma roller work?


The Skinstitut Derma Roller is a high quality, effective derma rolling device. When you roll the device over your skin, it creates micro-injuries. It may sound intimidating, but you can barely feel this and the “injuries” are nearly invisible. What makes this so promising in skincare is that the healing process speeds up the production of collagen and elastin while accelerating cell turnover. The result? Skin that is brighter, tighter, more evenly toned, and texturally smoother. Another bonus is that the process allows your skincare treatment products to penetrate more deeply into the skin, allowing them to work their magic more effectively.


Who is the Derma Roller for?


If you have acne scars, uneven texture, fine lines, hyperpigmentation or stretch marks, you are a great candidate for derma rolling. Almost everyone can use this device to experience myriad skin benefits. It is important to note that those with keloid scars should not use this or similar devices.


Please note: 

Skinstitut Skin-Inject MTS Derma Roller is formerly known as Skinstitut Skin-Inject DNC Derma Roller.

We are in the process of updating this image. Our image online currently shows the DNC label, however you will receive a derma roller that says MTS. This is the only change.


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