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When it comes to treatments that are as efficient as they are indulgent, facials take the calming cake. Soothing, nourishing and always a welcome chance to treat yourself, they’re the best kind of face time. But when your skin is looking down (iso-skin, it’s a thing) and you’re number 11 on your beauty salon’s waiting list, you need a solution that will bring the glow to you. An at home facial tailored to your skin needs is just what you need. All the anti-ageing and skin brightening essentials you need for an evening of skin pampering. This rejuvenating kit is ideal for reducing signs of ageing, increasing skin health and function, and keeps skin looking luminous. Because we know that no two skins are the same we have worked hard to create you, your very own Tightens, Firms & Tones Your Skin From The Neck Up - Nourish and rejuvenate your skin daily.

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